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Hi everyone

In the last couple of weeks I have had 4 phone calls from the jaguar tracker call centre telling me my car has triggered a theft alert.
3 times I was driving my car and it happened within a few min of starting my drive and once the car was just in the drive doing nothing.

when in the car, ive noticed that the mobile data is not working and the only way to restart it, is by toggling the mobile data option in the car settings.

one other thing I just noticed, was that the in-control app is saying my car is about a half mile away, but its not, its right here.

I will book it, in, but I fear that they will say nothing found, or blame my sim card, so just checking if anyone else has had this or if there is any test I should do before booking it in.

its a HSE Rtype registered in 2018, so made late 2017.
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