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I really like the joystick type automatic gear selector on my E-Pace but does it seem to anyone else a little counter intuitive ? The function is to push forward to reverse and pull back to go forward and a couple of times I have got it quite wrong but luckily no damage to me or anyone else :shock:

Would it be better to push forward to go forward and pull back to go reverse ?

I am well used to automatic cars as i have had only automatics for the last 30 years and therefore the usual selection of P-R-N-D is understood but with the self centering of the E-Pace joystick then this really doesn't need to work the same way, does it ?

Am i on my own ? :)

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You're not alone. I think the same. I also wonder why the change from the usual raising, circular selector on other Jaguar models. Still, after a while the selection becomes automatic (ha ha!).
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