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I've done a bit of research on this recently. As far as I can tell, you're in luck and I'm out of luck, as I was looking for a rear mounted bike rack for my E-Pace.

Halfords have a good range of bike racks and for the E-Pace, based on a discussion in my local store, they have both roof and towbar mounted options. They all look quite good value (from about £50 to £200 depending on brand and options). You need to go and get advice from the store though. There is maddening inconsistency in the online guides.

There are of course, reassuringly expensive, options from Jaguar should you want them, from £140 to well over £500 !

Unfortunately (for me) no one appears to offer a conventional rear (window) mounted rack - apparently due to the aerodynamic attachment at the top of the boot which prevents them being fitted :-(

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