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Hi, we received the official letter in the mail from Jaguar to go to the dealer and get the latest InControl software update for free. We scheduled it in, received the upgrade, and are extremely pleased with Jaguar's service here, and look forward to getting future updates over the air.

When poking around the upgraded software, I was super excited to stumble upon online radio services when pressing the Source button in the radio screen. Not only that, but TuneIn radio was in there, something I have always wanted in a car, as well as some service called Deezer. It appears that Deezer requires registration and some sort of premium service subscription, while TuneIn is simply a tap away.

Let me preface by saying I have excellent 4G mobile reception, as demonstrated by the service bars showing in the upper right of the screen, as well as multiple phones sitting next to me in the car on the same service.

However, when going into TuneIn, initially it seems fine - I can search for radio stations no problem, the station's graphics show up, etc., everything indicating the thing is working as expected. But when trying to play... it says buffering... it sits... it sits.... then it says "Media unavailable." BBC Radio 1 as an example. This is obviously nonsense and jib jab as everything else either radio (including satellite radio) or mobile data related is just fine.

Anyone else experiencing this... or know the fix?
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