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Coming from both non-premium and premium cars, I have never quite been so annoyed with the HMI of the cruise and speed limiter system as in this car.

Notably, I am used that short pushes will increase or decrease the speed + or - 1 km/h. I can live with Jaguar's +/- 2 km/h. However, I am used that 'long push' changes +/- 10 km/h. The Jaguar kinda reacts the same, but it takes about 3 seconds(!!) for the system to respond by going in 10 km/h increments and subsequently it totally overshoots... This useless and ought to be changed.

This is the standard cruise control (not the adaptive one).

I already mentioned that the adaptive speed limiter is horrendous. I hope software updates will improve that situation down the road. Please. I mean it. Please.
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