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I've had this just over a week and I'm delighted to say it is living up to expectations as a driving machine - corners with less understeer than my previous Ford Kuga and generally feels more nimble that the Disco Sport I had before that.

I wasn't aware of how the automatic gear selector lever actually worked- I had assumed it was a variant of the conventional PRNDL. I wondered where the EPB switch had gone, found it under the dash and then found the the park brake button on the gear selector. What a sensible way to operate both the transmission and rear wheel brakes.

Some small niggles with the sheer amount of tech in the infotainment and driver aids, but as I learn the operation of the various features I have to concede the operation is intuitive, one you know how to switch on. Fuel consumption on first tank was 37.5 mpg and the trip computer was slightly pessimistic at 37.2mpg ! I hope it improves as the car is run in as at the moment consumption is slightly worse that my last Disco Sport. Most of my driving is country lanes, not fast but not a lot of braking either.

Although my car is a 19MY ( built November 2018), Android Auto is not installed but Jaguar Customer Care responded very quickly to my enquiry and confirmed that a dealer can update the software - something for a bit later in the year as I'm not really interested in using it instead of the Jag interface, more to see if the satnav works with my new Android phone. This is because I hire cars in the US and they tend to have AA installed. If it works, I can save the cost of hiring a satnav system.
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