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Hi all,

I picked my car up earlier this week, a very low mileage P250 HSE which I bought because I couldn't order a new one with the options I want so thought I'd do an extended test drive until I can order exactly what I want :D

So far I'm loving it, very comfortable and plenty quick enough for me. I have spent quite some time familiarising myself with all the configuration options through the many menus which are not always obvious or easy to find. Anyway I have a couple of queries that I can't quite understand:

Door panel illumination These appear to be white LEDs near the door handles and seem to be illuminated at night when car is locked. I can't seem to find a way to turn these off. Surely this is not normal or what am I missing?

Configurable Dynamics , I can't find any settings for the Dynamic-I extra feature, should I have this option as the manual states some vehicles have this extra feature but I don't know which vehicles

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