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Good evening,

DPF amber warning light with "drive car 20 minutes at least 60 kmh" message shown insturment panel.

I (idiotly) press ok to hide this warning message while I was driving car in order to regenerate / clean DPF.

I drove about 25 minutes, some part was uphill.

While I was driving or after parking I havent seen DPF warning light which I read after it should turn green.

İn the afternoon I drove car again there was no warning related DPF.

Did I manage to regenerate DPF ?

By the way I was using torque pro mobile application which connected vehicle ECU via Bluetooth ELM327 obd reader.

İt was reading DPF pressure in psi and while acceleration pressure reading was about 3000 psi (I think wrong reading)

UPDATE : According to the other forums Torque pro android apk DPF pressure reading not accurate!!!!!

While engine was idling about 70-80 psi

Anyone know about what is the optimum pressure of DPF?


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