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Decent write up on a prototype E-Pace at Auto Car this week:

Automotive parking light Vehicle registration plate Cloud Automotive side-view mirror Wheel

There are plenty of things you can assess from the security of a passenger's seat. The first, as I said, is agility. This car is shorter and narrower, and slips through the town throng with an ease not possible in a model 20cm wider, which is what the class above adds to width.

Next, you notice low-speed refinement. For me, the higher-speed capabilities of vehicles like this have to be built on a solid bedrock of suburban ability, and the E-Pace has it.

Our (non-adaptive) suspension and our 20in wheels definitely 'feel' drain-hole covers and suburban ruts, but the car stays flat, poised and well-damped. So far, so good.

However, as Jaguar's own breathless blurb makes clear, this highest-power version of the car can lay down a 0-60mph acceleration time of just 5.9sec, which puts it very close to the top of its class.


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