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Hello from the land of Oz. A land far far away...

I ordered the snails-pace in March and it should hopefully arrive in Sydney, Australia early September. Ready for Spring, whoo hoo!

The snails-pace is apparently being built on June 26th to my order.

I went for the P250, R-Dynamic S, Corris grey with black pack, performance pack and a couple of extra bibs and bobs that are far too many to mention.

This little snails-pace is my first jaguar however my mother has a 1971 xj6 4.2L short wheel base and from this my love of jaguars grew...I would love the F-type but wouldn't we all...maybe my next jaguar if the snails-pace dosn't live up to expectations, hey! (wink,wink)

Thanks and keep on chatting E-Paces,
Cheers Sue and snails- pace (because the e-pace is taking so looooong, so sloooow to get to Australia)
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