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Hello people. I have a brain tumour so do not follow manuals that well, therefore i would appreciate if anyone could assist with below queries:

1, Jag send computer update downlaods but not say what the update is, is this normal ?
2, It has never happened before but the other day a steering wheel symbol popped up on my display along with an audio warning, any ideas what this means please?
3, I dont seem to have any ambient lighting in the footwels when night driving, is this normal?
4, How do you increase the volume for the sat nav verbal directions ?
5, At long last I think my speed radar warning is working but :

a,Is this in a form of a small camera symbol and a distance indicator
b, Shoud there be an audio warning sound as well
c, will this only activate where there are live cameras asopposed to just a warning sign

many thanks in advance

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