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Hi JLR Customer Relations

I wonder if you might be able to answer my question regarding the InControl Apps in the main forum:

Link below:

If not I wonder if anybody at JLR can confirm whether the latest E-pace's (mine is 3 weeks old) no longer have InControl Apps as the smartphone pack for apple car play and android auto has replaced these.

The dealer still cannot find an answer but seems to think they have been discontinued for the newer models as the option no longer appears in the "extra features" screens.

Since searching google I have found this article:

So maybe JLR have begun discontinuing them in all new models ???

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Confirmation from dealer today that the InControl Apps is being phased out and being replaced by Apple Car Play and Android Auto. So some models will still have this feature whilst others won't.

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Good afternoon Kooledude.

Thank you for your post, and your patience in waiting for a response.

I can confirm that the new E-Pace will have the the latest Pivi Pro infotainment as standard: Alongside this, the optional Online pack will come with the inclusion of live apps/ streaming services. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to send me a PM with your VIN and contact details.

Many Thanks,

Dan - Jaguar UK
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