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Jaguar E-Pace 296bhp Petrol Review - Car Magazine

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Overall the E-Pace feels like a step forward for Jaguar, particularly in the amount of tech on offer and the cabin design. It's still behind the Audi Q3 in this regard however, and mechanically speaking it doesn't feel as polished as the BMW X1, particularly in terms of refinement and transmission calibration.

Where the Jag does shine brighter however is in the looks department, with a character and style all of its own - unlike the (admittedly handsome) Giulia-on-stilts Alfa Romeo Stelvio.

As for this P300 model, while performance isn't exactly lacking it's not particularly exciting either, so we'd wait for an S-badged car if you want a proper hot hatch rival.

In the real world where you spend 80% of your time stuck in traffic you're better off overall with one of the diesel models, all of which (with the exception of the base D150) feature more driveable, torquier (albeit rattlier) motors than this.
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