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So, does the Jaguar E-Pace appeal to Jaguar fans and small SUV-seeking young families alike? WhatCar? invited a selection of readers to see it at Jaguar's design centre in Coventry to find out.

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Selection of comments below:

"Jaguar has done a fantastic job with the E-Pace's design. It has taken what was good about the F-Pace and filtered it through, and I can really see it appealing to young people. It's much better looking than the rival Audi Q3 and BMW X1, which to me are boring. "For your average young family, I'd say the E-Pace's entry-level price of £28,500 is spot on. Plus, standard kit is good, and there are lots of options, such as with the infotainment and upholstery. The interior layout is great, too.
"The quality of the materials inside Audis is very high, but I actually think the E-Pace is better in that respect. The standard of finish is well above what you'd expect. It feels so luxurious, with the leather seats, fine stitching and suede roof lining, although I think the 'jaguar cub' imagery is a bit patronising."
The E-Pace is very attractive, from any angle, in particular the rear. Jaguar describes it as a 'cub', and it certainly has character, whereas most of its rivals don't. "Now Jaguar has moved into SUVs, it's a much 'younger' brand. It's always been seen as a 'man's brand', but I think the F-Pace and E-Pace appeal to a much broader audience than that. There really are no serious drawbacks to the E-Pace."
See their thoughts here:


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