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Jaguar E-Pace P300 HSE 2017 review from Auto Car.

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You get in, try to get comfortable, and succeed rather easily.

There's decent storage space, acceptable space in the back and a 577-litre boot, incidentally. The steering wheel adjusts in sizeable fashion and, at around 2.5 turns lock to lock, it moves with trademark Jaguar smoothness.

On step-off, the smoothness you get from ZF's eight-speed rear-drive auto isn't quite matched by this nine-speeder.

On the inside, then, what do you get? A car that feels like a Jaguar, no question. The E-Pace's interior follows a theme first set out by the F-Type, where the driver and passenger areas have a clear demarcation.

On the left is an open, swooping dashboard section, shaped like the kind of cascading waterfall feature you'd find in the lobby of a posh office, while the section on the right is more driver-focused and there's a big grab handle between the two.

You can imagine seeing this design on a piece of paper and thinking 'wow, that looks terrific', and it looks pretty good in reality, too.
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