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Hi everyone, first post but just wanted to share below with you.

I had my four month old ePace stolen from my driveway yesterday. Came downstairs at 0330am to find my front door wide open, car keys missing and a large space on my drive where my car should have been. Not a nice feeling!

I fired up the Jaguar Remote app to see where the car was currently parked and within fifteen minutes I'd managed to retrieve my car from the scumbags who had "borrowed" it.

Luckily they hadn't located the Sim card and they'd parked it up and left it in case it had a tracker. Only posting as I remember rolling my eyes when dealership went through laborious process of setting it all up and creating log in for the app etc. I didn't think I would ever have cause to use it.

The app has literally saved me a load of heartache and a massive headache going through insurance. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it was to locate the car. Four other cars had been stolen in a similar manner nearby and mine is the only one to have been recovered.

I guess the point of this post is to share my experience and make sure you have all kept the app updated and have it accessible on your phone just in case the worst happens!!!

I'd also like to thank Jaguar for quoting me £1200 for a new car key and reprogramming!!!
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