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Hi all,

just ordered a MY19 Caesium Blue with Oyster Leather and 20" 'First Edition' Style wheels.

Had test drives in various E Paces but couldn't get on with the Auto box so decided to go manual.

Also tested a D150 and D180 and didn't notice a discernible difference in Pace so went for the D150.

Bought from Barrett's Canterbury, very good young Salesman and got a nice discount.

I have Been a member of other Forums (Freel2 etc) so I'm used to reading tales of woe but compared to the Discover Sport Forum this one appears a happy place!

I also had test drives in the XC40 and Disco Sport but neither had the feelgood factor ( they also didn't make my 16 year old Son go 'wow' like the Jag did!)

Look forward to reading and contributing more when it arrives hopefully towards the end of September.

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