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Following full software download (see previous post) yesterday I went to input the coming weekends destinations into the Sat Nav. The screen had a message that No maps please insert USB stick. Due to continued internet drop out the map download took over 2and a half hours over a 6 hour period. With the above message on screen I inserted the stick and nothing happened.
Checked the navigation settings and the the latest map was listed. I downloaded and installed the latest map update some weeks ago with no issues
Pressed the 'check for latest update' touch screen and 'you have the latest update' came up.
Relayed the above to my salesman and am awaiting a reply. Contacting the service department is a waste of time as they do not offer any technical help just the promise of a service appointment in 3 to 4 weeks time.

Also since the the software download my traffic sign recognition loses the reading within a few hundred yards replacing the speed with 3 dashes. This facility may be associated with the sat Nav and the ability of the car 'to know where it is' map wise?
Glad I still have my Garmin.
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