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The E-Pace will be Jaguar's first electric vehicle. It is understood that it is based on a Jaguar Land Rover EV platform that was debuted a year ago. This would make the vehicle, probably called the E-Pace, a bit smaller than the company's F-Pace SUV. The good news for drivers is that the electric power will be used to make electrifying performance not to make it just a trendy city vehicle.

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The battery pack actually forms the basis of the chassis floor, with the rest of the platform being made of aluminium. Since the platform can be scaled up or down, it will probably form the basis of the forthcoming Range Rover EV, although the E-Pace will appear first.

Two electric motors will power the SUV, with a 114bhp unit at the front and a 195bhp unit at the rear. Interestingly, these electric motors are not brought in but have been designed by JLR itself. They're claimed to have a 30% longer life yet cost only 40% of the cost of current electric motors. Their combined output, through a two-speed ZF gearbox, should be around 308bhp.

Such a set-up will allow for torque-vectoring, so the electric power will not only give smooth and huge torque from zero, it will also help refine the handling package as well as easily offering two- or four-wheel drive.

The prototype used a 70kWh but that's almost certainly going to be replaced by a more powerful system as the market is developing fast. A range of 280 to 300 miles should be achievable. We should see an electric Jaguar before the end of 2016 with production probably in 2018.



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