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Thanks. I thought it might stay on given the car stays connected to the internet for remote control and other functions via either 4g or WiFi? If someone could test it for me that would be very helpful!

I did some tests and the wifi hotspot does go off when you switch off the ignition and lock the car up. It was a little confusing at first as I thought the presence of the key fob in my pocket would keep the wifi hotspot going but it does not.

You have to remember that there is a separate communication system that works with the remote control app to check the car status and also enables you to get in touch with Jaguar in emergency. This is not the same as the wifi hotspot that requires you to fit a third party SIM into the In Control system.

By the way, I have used about 500Mb in 7 weeks on my SIM which does all the navigation and traffic stuff and web browser. So getting a SIM that has 24Gb should last a while depending fully on usage.
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