Adaptive Dampers not working

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Adaptive Dampers not working

Post by jaguy » Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:15 pm

Hello to everybody, I got my beautiful Bat Man looking e Pace last May in Italy.
I have the well known issue with the lagging gear box, not fixed after bringing the car to the dealer.
While I was trying to solve this issue I asked to check why the electronic dampers only stay in super tight and uncomfortable mode.
The mechanic went for a ride with me and tried his best to convince me that he could feel a difference between comfort and dynamic.
I left the car 3 days at the dealer’s and today I got it back.
It is just like before with the only difference being that the mechanic told me they “changed the curves” regarding the response in comfort mode to a point where it feels like the car is a bus now, leaning when cornering...
Of course it is far from that, same feeling no matter what setting I choose.
I specifically asked to have the adaptive dampers because I have problems with my back.
Now I’m wondering if the dampers are actually electronic or If to have access to different setups I had to pay for the additional configurable dynamics optional, which I didn’t get since they said it was useless.
Does anyone of you guys have electronic dampers AND configurable dynamics?

(They gave me an Evoque while my car was being “fixed”, MUCH smoother ride, almost no lag when in roundabouts, much faster even if it was 150D and mine is 180D with the sport pack)

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Re: Adaptive Dampers not working

Post by Williamsplace » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:51 am

Hi jaguy,

I have a p250 with the active dampers, and the dynamics software pack, I tried them in sport mode with hard and soft settings, I could tell the difference only as how the car handled and at 200 kmph on the German Motorway, it feels really planted ! and the steering also tightens up too.
I am happy with the handling, living in Germany I get to use it from time to time. but as for feeling a difference over the bumps at slow speed I don,t , other than the steering tightening up the suspension bumps feel the same, which it should ! be because the suspension. is adapting to the road surface.

Hope this helps,
P250 R-Dynamic HSE Corris Gray

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