Poor Fuel Economy

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Re: Poor Fuel Economy

Post by mfl » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:06 pm

My average over the last 2300 miles is 43.7mpg. That’s a mix of motorways and very short local journeys (2-3 miles typically) with not much in between. That’s as calculated by the car’s computer, but it doesn’t seem far out when I’ve checked against actual usage. The car (D180 auto) has done 16000 miles altogether. I get the impression that consumption is noticeably worse in cold weather (perhaps because of all the cold starts/short runs I do). I was getting a good 45 in the summer.

Best single journey I’ve done (since last software update, which wiped the history) is 58.6. See evidence in photo. And no, I wasn’t doing a steady 48 mph, it was a mixture of motorways at 70ish plus other roads. Probably had the wind behind me though.



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Re: Poor Fuel Economy

Post by Tasminracer » Mon Jan 06, 2020 1:29 am

Yikes I really have to go some to get less than 40 on a short trip... ( 150 2wd manual) im averaging high 40's in mixed use.

75mph on the motorway is 55-60 with over 60 not being impossible

( most ive ever got stuck behind a slow caravan on a twisty A road was 74 over 20 miles !!!

I dont drive like miss daisy either, I race and win with Big v8 sports cars lol...

Not quite sure what if any difference the modes make,... the only difference i can tell so far is the dials go red in dynamic mode... i think thats it lol

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Re: Poor Fuel Economy

Post by ctoneman » Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:17 pm

I have a D180 Auto and my average consumption is 38.6 mpg after 18,750 miles of mixed driving but mostly short trips. I think that’s pretty good and I am happy with that.
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